Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

The market of technology is ever growing and always changing. It is amazing to see how broad the horizon of mobile technology has become. Once the launch of mobile phone was a reason to wonder in itself and today we see two technology giants Apple & Samsung competing each other in the market to launch the best of mobile handset which is packed with features.

Although Samsung has earned the reputation of being the world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile technology, Apple is not far behind when it comes to having an impact in the domain. Both the companies have a proud fan base which awaits for the launch of the newest handsets by their respected Gods of technology. This waiting is not as silent as the word may suggest, it is full of excitement and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S4.


These are supposed to be the next big things in the mobile world and masses are getting restless for these two phones.

Although Samsung

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Galaxy S4 is sure to be launched at the set dates by the company, iPhone 6 still have the environment of speculation going on around. The history of the iPhone suggests a date somewhere in the months of summers but still nothing can be said on rock hard bases. But, due to this very fact, it seems that Apple will have time to work upon their phone to make it better than its competitor.

A few images that appeared on a Chinese forum made a sensation as they were claimed to represent the new S4. While the device looked more or less similar to its predecessors, great improvements like quad-core 1.8 GHz CPU with 2GB RAM makes it feel promising. A camera of 13 megapixel and 5 inch HD screen can be a good feature to lure the customers.

Rumors about Samsung S4 includes a new touch and scroll feature and Eye-tracking scroll technology which would sync and move the page according to the direction of the vision of the user. This can get more interesting as the release dates get closer.

So far, the Apple’s side also shows a similar sort of specifications with 13 MP camera and improved IGZO+ Retina display for sharper pictures. The advantage that Apple can count on is their operating system iOS 7 which is yet to be released and A7 quad-core processor. While it cannot be said for sure but, if we go by assumptions Apple iPhone 6’s would have better functioning of 4G with an improved wireless chip. Use of NFC wireless interaction is also raised in speculations, a feature not found in many phones as of now.

Reports say that wireless charging, wireless syncing of data and music files are some of the features sure to be found in these upcoming models. It does not matter which brand you support and where your loyalty lies, the point is that with this competition going on in the mobile technology the users are going to get experience of some amazing features. So, unless these models are placed in the markets for you to have a first hand experience, just enjoy the steaming hot rumors that blows in the winds.