BlackBerry® is a range of smartphones from Canadian mobile phone makers Research in Motion (RIM). It is a trusted brand in the digital industry that offers a common solution to different individual needs. A blackberry smartphone enables one to keep in touch with the latest information, colleagues, family and friends.

BlackBerry is an integration of smartphones and software that facilitates access to date and communication services all at the same time.

Emails, phone, maps, organizers, applications, games; internet is now only a click away on the BlackBerry. Traveling is no more a hassle with BlackBerry keeping you connected to the world on the go. Team Crocuss Web is determined to add to your BlackBerry experience through custom made applications for smartphones, and advanced version of smartphones with a camera and media player.

  • BlackBerry email platforms can be customized so as to meet the requirements of one person, an entire enterprise in any industry.
  • BlackBerry users are smart and know what they need. Team Crocuss Web helps you reach your destination with ease.
  • BlackBerry can be used on most of the carriers across the globe.
  • BlackBerry is available in ranges of small keyboard, large keyboard, no keyboard, flip phone and candy bar.
  • Keyboards on BlackBerry make them a smart choice by customers during driving, talking, walking and when the other hand is busy.
  • BlackBerry comes with expandable memory, an advantage over other smart phones.
  • BlackBerry has expandable and removable battery.
  • It allows programmers to multitask.
  • BlackBerry users can avail the services of Skype and Google that other smartphones are not able to offer.
  •  BlackBerry can be synchronized to multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Multiple BlackBerries can receive the same email feeds at one given point of time.
  • BlackBerry can sort the address book entries much easily than other smartphones.
  • BlackBerry doesn’t slow down if a lot of address book entries are made to it.
  • All major instant messengers are available on BlackBerry.
  • BlackBerry can be installed on multiple browsers from multiple suppliers.
  • BlackBerry easily synchronizes with all major media management programs including iTunes.
  • Email memory on BlackBerry is unlimited and it stores as many emails as it receives.
  • BlackBerry is affordable to use.