Content Management System

Content refers to any type of text, images, pictures, graphics, videos, sounds, records, or documents within the frame of digital information. The process of managing digital content online on the websites means Content Management. Content Management involves the combination of rules, processes, work flows effectively that the data stored electronically remains safely managed.

Crocuss Web Web defines CMS as a web application that creates, edits, and publishes website content in a simple and organized way by non-technical users who have no knowledge of programming languages.

There are more than 2,000 CMSs in the market today. With so many options available in hand, it is important to choose the right CMS that you can rely on for your web solutions. Crouss Web helps you do that.

Factors that must be kept on mind while selecting CMS:

  • Licensing
  • Security and Support
  • Accessibility and Code Quality
  • Documentation and Training
  • The Development Team
  • Community Following

Crocuss Web Web is aimed at providing its clients CMS solutions in easy-to-use applications that help the companies/owners to handle and maintain their websites conveniently. CMS provides a platform to quickly update, copy, images and other elements of the website. Our CMS solutions help you update the website regularly and stay well ahead of your competitors.

Features of our CMS solutions are:

  • Easy to use as it does not require the knowledge of hardcore programming languages making it easy for a non-technical person to operate it.
  • They are secure as they allow only the persons authorized to work on it.
  • They are flexible as they can be used with existing websites or sites that designed by other web companies.
  •  We understand the value for money therefore aim at providing cost-efficient CMS that don’t hurt your pockets.

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