Designing Your Company’s Identity

Gone are the days of a single corporate monopolizing the market. We live in an age where corporates are sprouting up like anything. Amidst these huge and blooming corporates, also lies the need for differentiation. Every company has their own identity, mission statement and logos. These are the things which give the corporate its face and identity. Like the people running it, every company has its uniqueness, and the way to sort out all the difference is through corporate identity solutions.

From the days of the old, logos and seals have been an integral part in human history. All the great houses and kingdoms had heir own coat of arms or seals, to distinguish themselves from the rest. These coat of arms are no different from what modern day corporates are using. They usually contain a logo in a set color combination, along with a small punchline or a corporate title. These words are chosen with utmost care as they represent what the company is all about. Other than that, they are to be the face of the company, so they should be chosen carefully.

First, let us talk a little about corporate identity. We can broadly classify it in the following things.

1. Design: This may include the logo, uniforms, corporate colors and other design related elements. They play a major role as they serve as the visual aid for the people concerned. They may include employees, customers and dealers.

2. Communication: A corporate identity is useful in terms of advertising, customer services, PR etc. Corporate logos and colors form the backbone of any advertising for the company.

3. Behavior: Corporate design also includes mission statement, internal work ethics, norms, rules and conditions. Every corporate draws out its own internal behavior pattern, without which there is no discipline, which can further contribute to inefficiency.

With the growing impact of media on the masses, corporates have left no chance in investing money to promote their brand names. Media is fast becoming one of the preferred sources of not just upselling products and services, but also as a medium for hiring processes, feedbacks and research. With the increasing usage of media, corporate design becomes even more important. Human beings tend to remember visual images more than any written text. With the number of corporates flooding the market, keeping in track the names is almost impossible. This is where the whole of corporate designing solutions come into play. Having a catchy logo and a tag line can really take you places.

Let us see why designing your corporate identity is so important. Let’s go through the factors which determine its true worth.

1. Differentiation : When there are so many apples in the basket, how do you differentiate your apple from the rest? By giving it a unique design, which not only defines its purpose, but also should be appealing to the eye.

2. Coherence : In order to insure a good credit with their customers, corporates must be coherent in what they say and what they do. Everything that is promised to the customer should be delivered.

3. Goodwill : A company which is coherent and stands out from the rest, attains a goodwill both internally and externally, fulfilling every expectation and demand.

Corporate designing is as important as a person having a name and a face. It is what defines the company to what it is and gives it a distinguished personality, making it stand out from the rest.