Open source software, Drupal is maintained and developed by a community of developers. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License that lets it be downloaded and shared with others.

Drupal is a cutting edge platform that supports latest technologies that web offers. Drupal is actually a PHP based content management system. It is used extensively to build dynamic websites. This kind of open source platform is particularly helpful for knowledge based management which forms a vital part of the back-end systems in various websites and mostly ones used for building online communities.

At Crocuss Web, our team dedicates most of its time researching and developing more and more ways to innovatively put Drupal to use. The team has successfully stood up and solved challenging projects – multi-domain sites development using a single Drupal installation.

A variety of websites and projects have been developed by us using Drupal as the platform for products ranging from websites, corporate content systems, social networks, online classifieds, e-Commerce solutions and mobile sites.

The real advantage of Drupal is that it is open-source software. This helps in providing an economic and a time effective solution. Its modular nature and extensible architecture makes it possible to add features to base Drupal software and enables us to develop solutions for the same.

Salient features:

  • Converting sites to a Drupal based site, this is especially helpful in exporting and importing important modules and increases migration processes.
  • The development of multilingual web sites is possible in Drupal platform.
  • The development of custom modules as required by the applications.
  • Prioritization and classification of content based on profile.
  • The development of themes based on certain models as per requirements.
  • Custom module development using CSS
  • The integration of popular e-Commerce applications in Drupal based website

Crocussweb Web is well versed with the usage of Drupal and has been using it to produce websites and ecommerce solutions which use widespread knowledge in CSS and HTML to accentuate the projects. If you are looking for a similar solution in Drupal, look no further.

Who’s Using Drupal

  • News Publishing
    New York Observer, NowPublic, Popular Science, Economist
  • Intranet/Corporate Websites
    AOL Corporate, Dahon Bicycles
  • Education
    San Jose State University, Harvard, MIT, Council on Writing Program Administrators
  • Art, Music, Multimedia
    MTV UK, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records
  • Community Portal Sites
    Fast Company, Team Sugar, Ubuntu Brainstorm
  • Social Networking Sites
    DrupalSN, Jewcy

Sample For Drupal


They are an amazing bunch to work with. They provide class services that have fetched us sensational results. We started out meager but their dedicated team of technical professionals has taken our business to great heights.

Chris Riester
Only the fashionable understand fashion. Their developers and designers seem to have the hidden talent that we managed to explore. Excellent team work by Team Crouss web designers and developers who appear to be a fashionable bunch themselves. Keep up the tempo.

Sam Leo
Director, Account Development