Email Marketing Services

Email is one of the best available tools to reach out to a wide range of subscribers in one go. At Crocuss Web focus is on design and content of the email to make it attractive and readable so that it receives maximum clicks.

Crocuss Web understands that emails are a powerful mode of communication in the digital world that can reach out to a wide range of audience in one go. Our team works in the vicinity of the concept that emails have the power to turn business around.

An email campaign helps reach to a wider target group, gain brand loyalty, and present subscribers with incredible deals. An email campaign clubbed with a social media campaign can prove beneficial to clients a great deal by increasing sales.

Email marketing services are an excellent means to professionally talk business with email subscribers and customers. Newsletters and advertising campaigns help communicate about the business and therefore be in touch with customers on a regular basis. It helps business grow and we at Crouss create these opportunities for you. Our emails are different and verified.

Features of Email marketing services:

  • We create tools, using latest technology, for our clients that assist them in gaining business.
  • We let to send bulk-emails at ease, in one click.
  • Contact management is now a smooth affair with our tools that let you manage all your contacts.
  •  Email tracking just got easier with Crocuss Web services.
  • We offer you assured spam free services.
  • We have created categories for you to decide and chose from.

Features of third generation resource email marketing:

  • Helps you manage contacts group wise.
  • Lets you send email group wise.
  • Upload images.
  • Save templates option is available that can be used for multiple contacts.
  • Lets you send personalized bulk emails.

Tracking details:

  • Allows users to track emails send by him.
  • Tracking each recipient’s IP address, country, date and time of the email read and number of times the email was read, is possible.
  • Users can track the links used in the email.
  • User can track the number of times the link in the email was hit and its details like IP address, country, date and time of the email and recipient’s email id.