Exciting Web-Designing Trends to watch out for in 2015

The Year 2014 welcomed many web-design trends such as Parallax Effects, Single-Paged Websites, Code-Free Design Platforms and such. While some revolutionized the way web designing worked and was done in the past, some failed to shine and were soon fizzed out.
Now that the year is finally about to pass us by, let us take a glimpse at what trends we can expect in the coming year, 2015. Designers, are you watching?
A. Flexible Typography

Digital typography and tradition calligraphy or even print typefaces, each work in different fashions. Although the standard of typesets used up till now in the cyberspace have been due to changes and upgrades for a while now, but nothing new has been implemented as the tried and tested shapes and sizes of the yesteryears keep getting results.
However, now with the change of web page layouts and increase in size of pages, the standard typeset appears small and muddled, thereby calling for a rehash of the typesets all together.
Usually, the primary aspects that affect the visibility and readability of a website are:

1. Column Width
2. Font size
3. In-between Line height and Spacings.

Therefore, in lieu of these factors, a redesigning and scaling of the typeset standards is imminent and a must-watch in my books in the upcoming year.
B. Designers as Developers

The traditional norm of having the designers design the look and feel of the page and then the coders taking over to code away, is slowly becoming a thing of the past now. These days designers themselves can create the websites without having to wait for coders to start coding as the latest designing softwares come fully equipped to complete a web page without having to manually code it in any particular computer language.
This opens up new horizons and offers flexibility to the designers to become self-sufficient website designers which is slowly going to build a huge, much more versatile market for web designing and creation. What this means for the clients is that they will have more options to choose from and wouldn’t have to rely on coding expertise to get their requirements met.
The focus shift is brought completely on the designing domain and the quality of webpages and layouts would increase immensely.

C. Overhauled Responsive Design

With the onslaught of smart watches, TVs, and other gadgets, the term ‘responsive design’ is evolving into a greater magnitude. Now a days, having to make a web page responsive does not limit to mere desktops, laptops,or smart phones; it extends over to every other gadget irrespective of their size as long as they are used for accessing the web by the user.
Although every platform has their own set of challenges, Tabs, Smartphones and Pads still have very familiar interface setup and the main issue is to ensure that the page content is appropriately scaled and easy to read.
However Smart Watches operate on completely different system altogether and hence require a complete overhaul in terms of its responsive design.
D. Large and Uncompressed Images

Due to limitations of bandwidth and speed issues, earlier motto regarding use of images on the web was ‘use small resolutions’. Now that speed and connectivity is increasing, the internet is also growing the capacity to roll out large, uncompressed image files meaning a better quality output.
With many fascinating visual based marketing strategies such as incorporation of infographics and visually astounding PPC landing pages, 2015 may see the biggest infestation of graphics and images all over the web.
Alongside this, the images will be laid out in the backdrop with floating blur/color enhancements hovering over the images. This will change the outlook and increase the quality of webpages. Quality is taking the forefront and in my opinion it is a welcome change.
E. Web Graphics Uprising

Speaking on the visual spectrum, we as humans have a tendency to comprehend information faster when we see it in a graphical manner. This was the theory upon which infographics works. Infographics provide information in a visually attractive and comprehensible manner.
Following on similar footsteps, Web graphics is here to diversify the graphic presentation of info across the web. Web graphics present large amounts of information, integrated with interactive features that let the users interact with each piece of information as they choose.
In 2015, we expect to see a rise in web graphics trend and popularity.

A Sample Webgraphic1

Web trends, be they design related or informational or any other, keep evolving with time and it is a welcome change this time round with all these cool new additions and few minor subtractions from the past.
Lets see how these changes are welcomed in the coming year. We are all waiting with baited breaths.