Flash websites Design

We combine technology, creativity, flamboyant graphics and animations to give you a visual treat called Flash Websites. These websites are colorful, interesting, self explanatory that include minimum text.  Designs leave a long lasting impact on visitors. A well designed Flash Website not only attracts users but also ensures their retention for future use. Team Crocuss Web is determined to give its clients an enthralling experience with its inventive ideas, sophisticated technology available at hand and a varied experience in the domain.

  • Unlike Static Web designs that focus on text and content, Flash Websites primarily concentrate on pictorial representation.
  • Crocuss Web develops websites rich in quality and visual appeal.
  • Our services include developing full fledged Flash websites, websites that use Flash only for home page introduction and for online demos.
  • We simplify complex technical content by spinning it into a Flash presentation.
  • We also specialize in Flash Logo designing.
  • Our designs are unique in nature aimed at enthralling visitors.
  • We create animated websites with equally exciting sound effects to attract traffic.
  • We let you choose between creating an entire website or a few elements.
  • Our websites guarantee quick Loading time.
  • We assist you in making your Flash website SEO friendly.
  • Come experience our creativity coupled with professionalism to gain maximum return on investment.
  • Flash twists the appearance of your website to make it attractive and meaningful to users marred by time constraints.
  • We design keeping on mind our clients’ target audience.
  • We undertake a revolutionary approach towards developing an extraordinary website for all our clients.

Features of Flash Websites:

  • Garners visibility to the website.
  • Loaded with an array of unlimited technical possibilities.
  • Color combinations are a delight to one’s eyes.
  • Striking effects are a lot more appealing.
  • Breaks the monotony of heavy content otherwise offered.
  • Complexities answered in a simpler way.
  • Helps build an impressive brand image.
  • Leaves viewers enchanted and generates customer retention.

Some Of Our Flash Web Design Sample


I was a little ambiguous about outsourcing work to Crocuss Web but they have done exceptionally well to set my doubts aside. Their team of developers and designers has done a good job. Their dedication has increased the number of hits to our website. I am thrilled by their services.

Joe Baumann
Chief Executive Officer
It feels amazing to look at my website and see the ever growing signups and number of hits each month. You have been truly professional in handling our project and delivering results well ahead of the deadline. Thanks all for the splendid work.

Joel Nadel
Executive Director