Landing Page Design

In terms of e-Commerce, Landing Page refers to the page that a visitor arrives at after clicking on a link. It could be the home page or any other page on the website.

Landing page is also called as Lead Capture Page that appears in response to clicking on the advertisement. A landing page predominantly helps in driving user traffic to the website thus increases sale. Landing pages are often linked to form social media, email campaigns and search engine marketing campaigns for an effective advertisement. Basically landing page aims at converting visitors into buyers.

Landing page design should be a mix of crisp text, flamboyant graphics and eye catchy layout.

Basic components of a successful web landing page design are:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Copy
  • Testing and Modification

Each of the components is responsible for the success of a landing page. Therefore all components should be considered while creating the design for a Landing Page.

Facts that need to be kept on mind while designing a Landing Page:

  • Know exactly what the target audience is looking for.
  • Customer research helps to understand the needs of the customers better.
  • Pictures speak louder than words. Therefore images selected should be attractive enough to capture the interest of the users.
  • Delivering up to date information is very important to retain visitors. Landing page must contain precise information that the users are looking for.
  • Landing page should deliver as much possible as the promotional advertisement talks about. Else visitors will navigate away to other websites.
  • Landing page must be kept as simple as possible. A crowded page is distractive and could drive away a potential conversion.
  • Landing page aims at making a conversion easy on the customers.  Therefore users must not be overburdened by trying to extract too much of the information at that time. Focus should be narrowed only on the essentials.
  • Simple is the best. Sometimes too much of graphical effect drives the customers away.
  • Landing page must try to establish the trust with the customers.
  • Landing page must guarantee a customer his privacy.
  • Testimonials do wonders and should not be ignored at any given point to establish brand image.
  • Customers feel assured through warranty on a product, trial period for services, refunds etc. It is a good tactic that establishes rapport with the customers and ensures that the customers feel satisfied.


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