Developed by Varien (now Magento Inc), Magento is an open source based e-Commerce web application launched on March 31, 2008. It was developed with the help of programmers within the open source community. However, it was owned solely exclusively by Magento Inc. created using Zend Framework, Magento uses the entity-attribute-value database model for data storage.

The only free version of Magento is The Magento Community Edition.

It is used a strong and powerful platform for the development of dynamic e-Commerce solutions. It is the most used open source technology primarily due to its exclusive features that make e-Commerce based customization very easy.

Crocuss Web is a leading Magento Development company and offers to create user friendly websites based on Magento frameworks. Our researchers deal with Magento, its uses and modifications. They are an experienced group that dedicatedly works to build new avenues for solving various customer related problems.

Crocussweb Web offers services like:

  • Customized Template design in Magento
  • Magento Website design
  • Magento Module Development
  • Ecommerce development in Magento
  • Customization in Magento
  • Integration of Magento
  • Magento Theme Design
  • Enhancement and website reconstruction using Magento

Features of a Magento Development include the following:

  • Open Source
    Due to the open source nature of Magento, the developers completely understand  internal structuring and thus are very easy to customize it accordingly.
  • Features
    Even the basic features of Magento are of great use to any e-Commerce website. It provides basics such as catalog management, checkout and administrative functions.
  • Flexibility
    The ability of Magento to modify and adopt in new features makes it very easy to use and modifiable. This makes its integration quite compatible.
    Crocussweb Web is committed to its stand on providing top class e-Solutions to our clients based on Magento platform. We guarantee quality at very affordable rates.

Few examples of Magento users:

  • Nestle
  • Lenovo
  • Olympus
  • BabyFirstTV
  • Oneida
  • City Chic

Magento is the most popular shopping cart software these days. Some of the advantages of using Magento are:

  • It is freely available. There is growing interest in using Magento.
  • Its features are making it popular amongst users. It makes a variety of options available to the users.
  • It offers the users layered one page checkout that saves them a lot of time. It also provides product information, prices, and color in one drop down menu retsining the interest of the shoppers.
  • Magento shopping carts let the viewers compare products or the chosen products with each other.
  • Magento lets the viewers prepare their own reviews on products purchased.
  • Shopping is much easier with Magento as customers can send the products to many shipping addresses in one transaction.
  • Allows for currency and language change.
  • Shipping is made easier with Magento. Thus more people are inclined to shop online thus boosting e-Commerce a great deal.

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