Team Crocuss Web is here to take its clients’ ranking to No 1 on popular search engines as Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc. through search engine optimization. It is inevitable in today’s e-Business times to drive traffic to a website without a search engine optimized and orchestrated website. Only a well designed and optimized website is capable enough to beat competition. A website that ranks high up in the order on search engines attracts the attention of its users and tempts them to navigate into it.

Crocuss Web will drive its SEO campaign to meet your specific requirements through the process that includes:

Keywords and Competitive analysis

  • We begin with reviewing your current site and search engine ranking of your as well as your competitors’ websites. That helps us set benchmark for the current as well as the restructured website.
  • Next step involves researching on keywords that your target audience is likely to use to find your product.  This aspect of SEO can turn out to be most beneficial generating high returns on investment (ROI).


  • Post keyword research and competitive analysis data sums up for improvement.
  • The improvement process is termed as Optimization.
  • Involves meta data and content optimization.
  • A website with a great design but meaningless content is abandoned quickly by the users and we save our clients from the misery.

Keyword incorporation

  • Essential web strategy for any online business.
  • Beneficial not only for better rankings but also for advanced promotion of website.
  • Process involves insertion of keyword rich content on the website including keyword specific targets.
  • Keyword stuffed articles play a pivotal role in promotion of websites therefore must be good enough to create user interest.

Link building

  • Key function of an effective SEO campaign.
  • Works best for PR and SERP.
  • Unique and informative content helps create links to ones website.
  • Targeted backlinks bring the right visitors to a website.
  •  Targeted link building attracts fast and long term traffic.