Social Media has come on to become a scorching platform for promoting business and reaching out to a large audience group. Crocuss Web develops powerful media campaigns to direct a higher traffic flow to its clients’ website which, further generates sales and boosts ROI.

Social media marketing refers to the process of attaining traffic to a website through social media websites. Eg. Twitter is a micro blogging site that helps its users tweet or send 140 character messages while Facebook continues to rule the market as a social meeting ground with amazing applications and features getting added to it every now and then. Facebook lets its users share and update text, photos, join events, run fan pages, manage campaigns amongst a variety of activities.

Social media can no more be ignored when it come to internet or digital marketing as these sites have risen up to be the hotbeds of social networking and communication in the virtual world. Social media helps create links that support e-trade a great deal.

Benefits of social media marketing:

  • Creates brand awareness
    While social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube continue to gain momentum in the social circuits, it is much easier for businesses to create brand image online with a large number of people active and available at one given point in time.
  • Keep a tab on competitors
    Knowing what your competitors are upto just got easier. Following them on Twitter or Facebook lets you know of their latest activity.
  • Get interactive in promoting business
    Social media is where people like to get personal than being dumped with business promotions. Therefore it is a good idea to get interactive with customers and entice them into talking about business.
  • Create attention for your product
    Social media is a handy platform to generate attention for your products. This opportunity should be capitalized to create awareness about the product amongst the masses and aim at boosting its sales.
  • Take Feedback
    Social media is a great platform to interact with customers and take their feedback on the products and services made available to them
  • Gain customer trust
    Talking to your customers in a personalized manner makes them feel wanted and happy. This technique can be used create trust for your company, its products and services.

Some other features and benefits of social media are:

  • Helps you develop a rapport with customers thus generates goodwill and brand name.
  • Social media lets you strengthen your customer service by directly taking questions from the customers and answering them on the spot.
  • It is an ideal ground for sharing information about products and services offered to likeminded people who are interested in what you sell.
  • It helps you network and create contacts.
  • Lets you showcase your talent and establish yourself as an expert.
  • It is an open platform to conduct market research for your products and services
  • by tracking their likings and disliking.