Static website Design

We craft Static websites that are characterized as simple, easy and comfortable. We help you uncomplicate your needs by providing a blueprint to your website keeping cost efficiency and benefits on mind. These websites mark your foray into the world of online business and marketing. We combine skill, expertise and knowledge to give you a website that is rich in content and information. They are ideal for downloading images, brochures etc.

  • We create browser friendly websites.
  • Our websites are equipped with easy navigation qualities.
  • Easy to construct as the development technology used is simple with minimum script and HTML coding.
  • Typically static websites are meant to disseminate basic information to the visitors and prospective users about the products or services available with our clients.
  • Our team endeavors to produce best quality images, meaningful content and user friendly applications.
  • We begin with a total understanding of our clients’ requirements.
  • Next step is to analyze and design an apt layout suiting these requirements.
  • Layout deciphers our clients’ business sense into preferred applications.
  • Ideal where in products and services don’t need to be updated.
  • Supports and stands ideal for downloading.
  • We provide static web content that focuses on relevant keywords to get you a ranking higher up on the pages of popular search engines.
  • Our designs strike a perfect balance between professionalism and quality work by retaining the crux for which, the website was created.
  • Our exclusive service is available at very competitive rates.

Advantages of Static Web Design:

  • Simple to create and host
  • Cost efficient as compared to dynamic website designs.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Downloading is swift even on low bandwidths.
  • Each page can be edited with a little technical knowledge.
  • Possible to preview the file before going live.
  • Web page layout can be changed without many hassles as and when required.
  • Content can be controlled directly.

Some Of Our Static Design Sample

Some Of Our Logo Design


Crouss has been pivotal in boosting our business. A bit of hard work coupled with creativity has done wonders for us. Thank all you tech guys for taking our fashion business to a new high.

Melissa Young
Director, Account Development
Crouss is different. They are unique and have used their prowess in defining our business well. Creativity used to the fullest in creating our website. Excellent team work of designers and developers in good spirit and faith.

Mr. Sterling
Chief Operating Officer