Website Maintenance Upgrade

An effective website is the one that is maintained properly and upgraded constantly by a set of professionals who are well versed with the job. Website serving stale information does not attract user traffic and prompts the visitors to navigate away from it. Only a well maintained website generates traffic required to conduct business for.

Web maintenance is a service that allows modification and updates to a web site. Maintenance is an integral part of owning a website. If your content, offers, etc. are not updated from time to time you may lose your users to competitors. Basic of web maintenance include changing text, images, promotions, or advertisements on the website.

Why you need web maintenance?
Websites are the only platform for online business entities to keep in touch with customers and inform them about new products and services. Updating their knowledge is much important for web owners to keep their business running. Therefore the need to keep a website up-to-date is a must.

Our web maintenance and upgrade services allow you to:

  • Change content, edit text, images or other items when there are promotions, specials, and advertisements on the site.
  • Updating helps retain customers and prompts them to come back looking for more and latest.
  • It increases usability therefore increases sales.

Crocuss Web Web deals with website maintenance and upgrade of all kinds of websites. However developing and maintaining e-Commerce websites is a specialization.

Our dedicated design and development takes care of all the aspects of web design, development and maintenance.

We offer specialist services in:

  • Web content updates.
  • Product updates for e-Commerce sites.
  • Formatting/uploading blog post.
  • Uploading podcasts.
  • Uploading videos.
  • Managing your media section.
  • Maintaining/ managing newsletters.
  • Social bookmarking tags and icons.

We believe in keeping pace with the markets. As the nature of website maintenance services has changed, we have changed too. Now-a-days web maintenance has a lot to do with website analysis of visitors, traffic source and traffic conversion. If you are not tracking your website how will you know what’s working? Where will you pitch your next campaign? How will you know at what page your visitors are leaving?

We help you track your website with detailed analysis:

  • Analyzing Backlinks.
  • Tracking Social Media.
  • Site Traffic Analysis and Reporting.
  • Online Market Scope Analysis.
  • Conversion Analysis.

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